Implementing a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means adopting continuous progress actions in the economic, environmental, workplace and labour relations fields. CSR is a general trend toward redefining the responsibilities assumed by a company on a reciprocal basis with its stakeholders (customers / suppliers / shareholders / employees).

“CSR is often understood as the adoption by a company of concepts of sustainable development, the three pillars of which are environmental, social and economic. CSR was on the Agenda of the Johannesburg Earth Summit in 2002, in which many big business corporations took part, including a large contingent from France, working in the environmental and energy fields.” (Translated from the French language Wikipedia entry for RSE, the French abbreviation of CSR).

Quality equates with progress. CSR is recognized as an all-encompassing duty for the corporate sector. We are increasingly asked, by our customers, as a company to live up to CSR standards, in the same way as they demand from us ever-higher quality.
CSR is not only necessary in itself, but an “added bonus” for we who are its corporate practitioners. For ETNA Industrie, CSR is a fundamental part of our sustainable manufacturing development.

As early as 18 November 2015, we formally committed to the introduction of CSR into our working practice by setting up groups of 8 to 10 employees focussing on four key issues:

Customers: Breathing new life into our Quality policy. The demands and expectations of our customers, to whom we deliver over increasingly long distances, are constantly rising.
Shareholders / Owner: We owe them to be supremely innovative
Employees: Consistency – Harmony – Wellbeing – Safety
Suppliers: Safety – Environment – Sub-contractors – Environmental footprint
Achieving these goals involves:

  • Recognizing and adhering to our values,
  • Reviewing and adapting our operating methods,
  • Raising awareness of our weak and of our strong points in all domains,
  • Developing and sharing good working practice,
  • Focusing on areas of action to greatest effect,
  • Committing to ambitious plans by teamwork,
  • Following-up our achievements and ensuring they are known to all.

Building on the outcome of these internal meetings, we were able in May 2016 to define the above 7 detailed points. Having identified existing ETNA Industrie values and the values we wish to attain, we set up five working groups and trained them to devise and implement action plans based on those values.

The values adopted by all staff, and the individualized action plans implemented, are now disseminated and on display right through the company.

We stand by our ETNA Industrie values with the greatest pride:

  • COMMITMENT: sense of responsibility, courage
  • SATISFACTION: commitment to excellence
  • QUALITY: rigorous methodologies, exacting demands
  • RESPECT: diversity, recognition, honesty
  • TEAM SPIRIT: readiness for action, listening, mutual trust, togetherness
  • INNOVATION: awareness (including need to change where necessary), diversity
  • PERFORMANCE: collective, durable, effective, efficient and highly motivated progress

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