Know How

1. Area of competence

ETNA Industrie’s leadership has been deeply rooted in their technical and industrial expertise since its inception. Committed to fulfilling client needs, ETNA’s key expectation continues to be reliability over time.


Concerning the hydraulic field, ETNA industrie has focused on the design and manufacturing of systems capable of delivering very high power (up to 300 000 W) within a very short time frame (10 m/s). Due to its specific know how ETNA industrie masters the detailed knowledge of all the components included in such equipments.


In the fluid regulation field, ETNA Industrie has distinguished expertise on the design and manufacturing of wide ranging pressure (from 10 mb to 400 bar) with strong accuracy and reliability (tolerances under 3%).


The products defined in this way and all the drawings are put at subcontractors’ and suppliers’ disposal who are in charge of providing the company with parts and components.


Following client specifications, ETNA’s research and development department produce drawings for the final product. The plans are then at the disposal of subcontractors and suppliers who are responsible for providing ETNA industrie with parts and components. Following inspection, final assembly and individual tests are carried out internally by a team of highly qualified professionals


2. ETNA Industrie close to students (ENSAM, ENIM, etc.)

ETNA Industrie proposes training periods and End of Studies Projects (PFE) to students enabling them to gain professional work experience. Acting as window of opportunity tending towards the labour market, these trainings and PFE are in line with well-defined projects, and involve real challenges as well as a serious commitment.


3. ETNA Industrie as partner of Industrial Technical Centres (CETIM, LCIE, etc.)

ETNA Industrie works in close cooperation with different industrial technical centres (mechanics, electrics). These centres like the CETIM (Technical centre of mechanical industries) or the LCIE (Central laboratory of electrical Industries) actually bring the technological supplement required for correctly developing the R&D projects, in terms of performance optimization and model validation.


4. ETNA Industrie as member of industrial professional bodies (FIM, ARTEMA, EVOLIS, UNM, etc.)

ETNA Industrie is a member of various French and European industrial associations allowing them to stay current in its field, more specifically with changes in relations with technological, economical, legal developments and standard changes. This matter is vital for ensuring its competitiveness.


ETNA Industrie is much involved in standardization development. Its technical management leads a "hydraulic and pneumatic systems" commission gathering more than forty standards, and steps in the European and international ISO authorities as a technical expert


Pending Standard projects...

  • Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure.
  • Fluid power systems and components.
  • Pressure Vessels and Steam Generator.


5. ETNA Industrie and its subcontractors

ETNA Industrie is accredited ISO 9001 / 2015. With 100% subcontracting in the mechanical industries, its organization has enabled to create a real partnership with its suppliers and subcontractors for the machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals, the foundry (cast iron, aluminium), the die stamping (steels, copper, ...)