Make switch


The Make Switch is used in laboratories in combining high current or high voltage (up to 36 kV) of electrical circuits with a brief and accurate closing time (‹10 ms, +/- 0.1ms). Make Switch’s can be used under permanent current (1500 A) but cannot open under load.


The Interest of Make Switch relies on its ability to combine all above properties. In Addition, it can withstand a very high current (> 140 kA) during a one second interval.

An oleo-pneumatic actuator, triggered by a hydraulic drive, achieves the displacement of the mobile contact. In closed position, the mobile contact is pressed tightly against the fixed contact in order to ensure the passage of very high currents. High actuator speed reduces the pre-arcing time and minimizes the wear of the contacts when closing. An electronic control unit allows the control, regulation and monitoring of the make switch.


Electrical Power lab, supersonic bellows lab and particles accelerator lab, turbo-generators Short circuits testing.


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