Circuit Breaker Hydraulic Operating Mechanism: FOCUS ON RUSSIA

A global supplier of Circuit Breaker components, Etna-Industrie is proud of its success in Russia, where our presence dates back to 2007, uninterrupted by changes in the economic and political situation.

Etna-Industrie supplies the Russian market not only with Hydraulic Operating Mechanisms designed for air-insulated and gas-insulated Circuit Breakers in substations rated up to 330 kV, but also for generator breakers. In the GIS field, Etna Industrie is a provider of switchgear components up to 800 kV.

Etna-Industrie’s Hydraulic Operating Mechanisms are purpose-designed to meet breaker requirements. As a provider of customer-specific solutions, our Hydraulic Operating Mechanisms are conceived for vertical or horizontal installation.

commande hydraulique visuelEtna-Industrie is proud to have supplied GIS switchgear components for the Sotchi Olympic games (Djoubinskaia substation) and for the Football World Cup in Saint Petersburg (Iouznaea substation). We have also been selected as a supplier to the Vankor oil field in Russia’s Krasnoiarsk region.

In the AIS field, Etna Industrie has developed a high energy 3-phase Hydraulic Operating Mechanism for ambient temperatures as low as -50°C. To prevent circuit breaker freezing, one solution is to reduce pressure in SF6 vessel, which may lead to higher arcing on opening. Etna Industrie’s Hydraulic Operating Mechanism compensates by delivering higher energy to mitigate excess arcing.

Etna Industrie also refurbishes and upgrades old GIS substations, with or without Circuit Breaker retrofit. Our solutions are engineered to replace the heritage installation without change to the customer interface. Required Circuit Breaker performance is calculated in close collaboration with our industrial partners.

Success thus relies on the close relationship we have built up with our Russian customers, whose input is key. We thank them for their availability, technical know-how, reliability, and long-term view.

The success stories outlined briefly above, are illustrative of the excellent international cooperation that flourishes even in the tough conditions of the COVID health crisis.  We look forward to meeting again in person, as soon as possible!

commande hydraulique 220kv tri phase

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