ETNA was founded in 1942 in response to the gasoline shortage during World War II by Jean GRATZMULLER, who had later invented a triple stage pressure reducer. The company has since then been under the direction of Carole GRATZMULLER, granddaughter of the founder.

Based in Argenteuil, a suburb of Paris, ETNA industrie has registered over 240 patents since its inception with nearly 50% of its turnover dedicated for export.

1942: Pressure reducer for liquefied gas (road and rail vehicles).

Historique 1

1947: Mr. Gratzmuller and Mr. Berger develop the hydraulic starter (used for example in AMX tanks and generator engines).

Historique 2

1952: 1st hydraulic drive for circuit breaker with mechanical locking: Jeumont launcher

Historique 3

1954: 723 command block, 1st block with mechanical stop and opening valve

Historique 4

1957: 919 command block, designed for circuit breaker with spring return

Historique 5

1964: Drive with hydraulic locking (self holding)

Historique 6

1966: Development of the 1st Make switch

Historique 7

1984: 6000 command block, very compact

Historique 8

1984: 6000 command block, very compact

Historique 9

1990: New family of THT hydraulic drives for working temperatures -55°c

Historique 10

1994: Development of UHT hydraulic drives for circuit breakers intended for a wide voltage ranging from 300 to 800 KV

Historique 11

1996: Valve for battery (vehicles, aeronautics…)

Historique 12

1997: -3,000 meters valve, ocean beds (offshore)

Historique 13

1998: New Make switch generation

Historique 14

2002: Safety valves and piston accumulator types of ETNA Industrie conform with the requirement of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/ CE

Historique 15

2006: Development of the ‘’PLUG and PLAY’’ hydraulic drive.

Historique 16

2008: Bidirectional safety valve

Historique 17

2012: Extension of the PLUG and PLAY concept.

historique 18

2016: 72,5 kV New Generation Make Switch


2020: High Temperature Safety Valve

High Temperature Safety Valve