As a manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and components, ETNA Industrie has been well-known for over 60 years thanks to its specializations and its ability to customize to client needs.

The strong research potential of ETNA Industrie has enabled the development of specific material for diverse industries such as transport and distribution of electrical power, nuclear power plant, aircraft and aerospace, defense, cryogenics and offshore.

ETNA-Industrie is at the forefront of circuit breaker technology of all voltage capacities, obtaining world leadership status in its specialty. The company expertise also extends to other innovative products such as Make Switches as well as other fluid regulation products including valves, pressure reducers, and pressure switches.

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  • Produit 1

    The compact drive "Plug and Play" for circuit breakers from 145 to 800 kV.

    This new concept includes all functions of a standard drive for a circuit breaker without any hydraulic connection. The "Plug and Play" drive is available for both UHT and THT type. It can be easily connected via "Harting" type plugs, which enables outdoor usage.

  • Produit 2

    Mobile Make Switch Equipment

    This three phase make switch equipment is used in mobile application for generator short circuit testing; it can be moved with two hand fork trolleys. Due to hydraulic technology, which enables to store operating energy on each phase of the Make Switch, this equipment only requires 3 phase 220 V A/C (or 380 V A/C) power supply.

  • Piston accumulators

    Piston accumulators exert superiority in comparison to other technologies available on the market due to its adaptability. They can be employed in all positions and are insensitive to movements, shocks, or gravitational forces. In addition, they have an unlimited compression ratio, due to the displacement of the piston on all lengths of the tube.

    Produit 3
  • Produit 4

    Low pressure safety valves

    Thanks to their indirect action technology, ETNA industrie safety valves warrant a high accuracy for both setting pressure and blow-down. This advantage is very useful for low pressure valves (from 0.010 bar up to 3.0 bar). As a result, ETNA industrie has developed a wide range of products for various applications utilizing these traits.

  • Produit 5

    Upstream pressure regulator / Surplus valves

    ETNA Industrie valves can also be used as Uptsream pressure regulators or surplus valves. The indirect action technology enables at the same time a very precise regulation range and no influence on downstream back pressure. The wheel leads to adjustment of setting pressure with a certain range.